Mission and Vision


Zion Union Heritage Museum Family and Visitors, clockwise from top left: Museum president John Reed with documentarian Janet Murphy-Robertson; Artists Robin J. Miller, Pamela C. Purdy, Carl Lopes; author David Purdy; a smiling visitor; Robert C. Hayden, noted historian; Vice President Julia Johnson and Carl Lopes; Jim Miller, Pamela C. Purdy, Robin J. Miller, Roberta Booz√©; Pamela C. Purdy with a young reader; “The Journey” statue¬† by Michael Alfano; Carl Lopes with Museum historian Dolores DaLuz. Center photo: Harold Tobey addresses visitors.

The Zion Union Heritage Museum, Inc. mission is to create a museum that celebrates the African-American and Cape Verdean population as well as other ethnic and demographic diversity of the Town of Barnstable and Cape Cod.

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